Lecturing at Vienna Children’s University

The Vienna Children’s University enables encounters between children and scientists. Scientists and lecturers from six Viennese universities and a university of applied sciences hold courses for children and show how exciting research can be. The courses will take place between 11 and 22 July 2022 and can be offered as workshops, seminars or lectures. The annual theme of Vienna Children’s University 2022 is “Diversity20” (“Vielfalt20“) on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of VCU. Contributions on the topic of diversity can optionally be offered from all subject areas.

If you have any questions about VCU and are interested in participating, please contact the contact person(s) at your university: Contacts

Course types

Workshop (up to 25 children)

  • practical relevance
  • active and interactive work (with materials)
  • experience and “grasp” contents hands-on

Duration: selectable (1–3 hours)
Age: selectable (7–9 years or 10–12 years)

Seminar (up to 50 children)

  • lecture elements and intensive exchange
  • room for discussion
  • active work in small groups possible

Duration: selectable (1–3 hours)
Age: selectable (7–9, 7–12 or 10–12 years)

Lecture (more than 50 children)

  • lecture format
  • question rounds with voting cards / show of hands
  • supported by demonstration material

Duration: 1 hour (approx. 50 mins lecture time with questions)
Age: 7–12 years

Any COVID-19 safety regulations will be based on the guidelines of the federal government and universities and will build on the experience of previous years. The exact capacities per course will be determined before the start of registriation in June 2022.

Organizational procedure

  • You can enter your course(s) in the online survey system until the end of April 2022. You enter the course description, preferred dates, age group and duration in the system. You can hold your course alone or with co-lecturers. If you need help with the online survey system, please contact us at info@kinderuni.at
  • In May, the schedules for each university will be created. Before the final program goes online at the end of May, you will receive a preview for approval.
  • Until the start of Vienna Children’s University in July 2022, you will receive further information and COVID updates by mail or you can reach out to your contact person(s) with questions at any time.
  • On the day of your course you will come to the LehrendenPoint (“lecturer’s point”) at your location, about 30 minutes before the start of the course. There you will receive your VCU T-shirt, your lecturer ID and any materials you may have requested, and you will be accompanied by a team member to your course room.
  • While you are making preparations in the room, the registered children will be collected by the VCU team and then brought to your room as a group.
  • During your course, at least one team member will always be in the room with you to support you and the children with activities.
  • After the course you come back to the LehrendenPoint and can report how it went.
  • For field trips (courses that are not held at the main location), the team will come directly to the designated meeting point with your t-shirt and ID.

Further information

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