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The interactive knowledge platform enables a sustainable exchange between children and science. Scientists and teachers from six Viennese universities, one university of applied sciences and other research institutions create online contributions for children and show how exciting and diverse research can be.

A contribution on includes:

  • title (max. 40 characters incl. spaces)
  • subtitle (max. 60 characters incl. spaces)
  • introduction (approx. 300 characters)
  • contribution in one of the five formats (video, podcast, article, poster, presentation) – multiple formats per contribution are also possible
  • image matching the topic (landscape format)
  • your personal teacher profile (download) with portrait photo
  • interactive element (quiz, survey)

New contributions can be submitted to your contact person(s) and will appear on after your approval.

Formats on

Format: video

  • video lecture on a research topic / question
  • length 2–8 minutes
  • format: .mp4 or .mov (16:9 or 4:3)
  • Possible contents: lecture, experiment, interview, virtual tour, my day as a researcher …

Tip: address the children directly and tell them something about yourself


Format: podcast

  • audio lecture on a research topic / question
  • length 2–10 minutes
  • Possible contents: lecture, original sounds from the research environment, my day as a researcher …

Tip: choose a speech rate of about 70 words per minute and make pauses


Format: article

  • written input on a research topic / question
  • alternative 1: thematic article (max. 4,000 characters)
  • alternative 2: instructions for an experiment
  • alternative 3: interview

Tip: keep your sentences short and explain technical terms!

Download: Template


Format: poster

  • poster or infographic on a research topic / question
  • format A4 (PDF)
  • design is also possible as photo story

Tip: mark core messages bold and leave some areas free of text!

Poster template (landscape): PDF PPT Word
Poster template (portrait): PDF PPT Word


Format: presentation (ppt/gallery)

  • Visual Input on a new research topic / question
  • a maximum of 20 slides
  • Possible contents: additional information to other formats (e.g. pictures), “digital handout”, photo/picture story

Tip: Less is more. Try to keep your text as compact as possible and let used pics “speak” for themselves!

Note: In our guidelines (German only) you will find concrete didactic tips for the design of online contributions for all formats.

Further information

In order to provide interested parties with low-threshold access and to achieve the greatest possible reach, we recommend displaying your contribution outside the log-in area. In this case, please pay special attention to copyrights.

For all contributions, both inside and outside the log-in area, the following applies:

Copyrights: Please include the copyrights of all media (video, audio, image, text) that you use in your presentation. Make sure that you are either the copyright owner of the media used, or that you have the permission of the copyright owner, or that the media is clearly free to use.

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